Fire Drill at The Pakubuwono House

Fire Drill at The Pakubuwono House

The safety and well-being of residents at The Pakubuwono House are major concerns for the management team. To ensure preparedness in the event of an emergency, an annual fire drill was conducted recently, showcasing the coordinated efforts and readiness of all personnel involved.

The drill commenced precisely on 6 March 2024 at 10:30 AM when the control room alerted the staff about an active alarm on one of the floors. Immediately, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) sprang into action, led by Sadewa and accompanied by an engineering supervisor. As they rushed to the scene, equipped with fire extinguishers, the severity of the situation became evident.

Despite their efforts, the fire persisted, prompting the deployment of additional resources. ERT 2 swiftly joined the fray, donning fire jackets and preparing fire trolleys. Meanwhile, the general alarm blared throughout the building, signaling the need for immediate evacuation.

In tandem with the evacuation order, the auto emergency dial was activated, informing the General Manager and all Heads of Departments about the crisis. Residents were directed to assembly areas while the evacuation team, escorted by engineering personnel, conducted thorough sweeps of each floor.

Simultaneously, critical communications were established with external emergency services, including the Fire Department, Police, and Ambulance. The timely response ensured that help was on the way, further bolstering confidence in the emergency protocols in place.

As the situation unfolded, department heads gathered in the control room, receiving instructions from the GM. Clear directives were issued, emphasizing the importance of orderly evacuation, document protection, and ongoing communication.

Throughout the drill, the coordination between different teams was seamless. Engineering teams stood ready to operate essential systems, while security personnel ensured the orderly evacuation of residents. Meanwhile, the medical team swiftly attended to any injured parties, further underscoring the commitment to resident safety.

Evacuation Simulation in Fire Drill

As the drill concluded, a debriefing session was held, allowing for a comprehensive review of the exercise. The GM expressed gratitude to all staff for their cooperation and commitment to safety. Lessons learned will be incorporated into future preparedness plans, ensuring greater effectiveness in handling emergencies.

The annual fire drill at The Pakubuwono House illustrates a proactive approach to safety management, building confidence among residents and staff. Through regular training and exercises, the community remains well-prepared to address any eventuality, underscoring The Pakubuwono House’s unwavering commitment to safety and security.