The Pakubuwono Development teams have worked together since the first project, The Pakubuwono Residence, and we have continued the collaboration to take on more excellent and challenging residential projects, which are The Pakubuwono View, Signature, House, and Spring. Now, we are back to presenting the most recent masterpiece, The Pakubuwono Menteng.

To put together our projects at their best, our teams work with some of the highly experienced teams of consultants and contractors in the country, with designers and engineers who have been involved in most of The Pakubuwono projects. Airmas Asri, Davy Sukamta, and Langdon Seah have comprehensive experiences in a combination of architecture, structure, and quantity surveyors for all The Pakubuwono Development projects. Insada worked as the interior designs for The Pakubuwono View and The Pakubuwono Signature. Shimizu and Total Bangun Persada worked as the main contractor partner for the first project, The Pakubuwono Residence.



Those familiar with The Pakubuwono Development properties know that our strength is in three very simple yet crucial tenets.

Each project is diligently designed, built and maintained with care before, during and after construction. All of our designs are functional without compromising elegance. All of our results deliver a beauty that is raw, unedited and true. Most importantly, we place utmost importance in maintaining our residents’ standard of living.