In the bustling heart of Jakarta, The Pakubuwono stands as an icon of prestige and grandeur, offering a wide range of residential options for those who appreciate the finer things in life. With a commitment to delivering an unmatched living experience, this prestigious complex boasts an array of unit types, each meticulously designed to cater to an array of lifestyle needs and preferences.

The Pakubuwono Apartment

The Pakubuwono Apartment

2BR Apartments: Cozy Elegance

Area Range: 117m² to 183m²

Perfect for young professionals, couples, and small families, the 2BR apartments at The Pakubuwono blend functionality and style seamlessly. With spacious living and dining areas, master bedrooms, additional bedrooms, and balconies offering mesmerizing city vistas, these units provide a contemporary living space that exudes both comfort and sophistication. Available at The Pakubuwono Spring, The Pakubuwono House, The Pakubuwono View, and The Pakubuwono Residence, these units cater to residents looking for a cozy yet elegant urban retreat.

3BR Apartments: Spacious Luxury

Area Range: 180m² to 268m²

The 3BR apartments at The Pakubuwono are designed to accommodate families seeking a spacious and luxurious abode. Comprising a master bedroom, two spacious bedrooms complete with wardrobes, and multiple bathrooms, these units strike the perfect balance between private retreats and communal living spaces. 3BR unit is available at The Pakubuwono Menteng, The Pakubuwono View, and The Pakubuwono Residence, these units offer families the opportunity to enjoy a spacious and lavish urban lifestyle.

4+1BR Apartments with Study Room: Grandeur Redefined

Area: 319m²

For those with a penchant for sophisticated living, the 4+1BR apartments at The Pakubuwono Signature exude an aura of grandeur. Boasting an expansive layout, these units feature multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a dedicated study room. With well-equipped kitchens and an array of premium amenities, these units redefine what it means to live in opulence. Ideal for those who desire the very best in city living.

Townhouses (The Pakubuwono House)

Area Range: 370m²

The Pakubuwono Townhouse

The Pakubuwono Townhouse

The townhouses at The Pakubuwono House offer a unique combination of privacy and luxury. With multiple floors and a layout reminiscent of a standalone house, these units often feature indoor areas with multiple bedrooms and private outdoor spaces. Residents can enjoy the comfort of a house within the confines of a prestigious complex, private lift, complete with lush gardens and private swimming pools. All Townhouse residents have access to the facilities and amenities of The Pakubuwono House, including the zen garden, rooftop pools, 24/7 concierge, Sky Garden, spa, locker rooms, and sauna. The Pakubuwono Townhouse is a limited masterpiece with 9 beautifully crafted townhouses.

Junior Penthouse at The Pakubuwono Residence

Area Range: 436m² to 513m²

The Junior Penthouse units at The Pakubuwono Residence epitomize exclusivity and grandeur. With four spacious bedrooms and a dedicated study room, these units offer an abundance of space. The panoramic views and premium amenities further enhance the living experience, making these units the epitome of luxury living.

Penthouse at The Pakubuwono Residence

Area Range: 784m² to 1010m²

Elevate your lifestyle to unprecedented heights with the Penthouse units at The Pakubuwono Residence. These units come with five luxurious bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom, promising both opulence and privacy. Situated on the highest floors of the complex, the Penthouse units offer breathtaking views and premium amenities that redefine the standards of luxurious living.


From the snug charm of the 2BR apartments to the grandeur of the Penthouse, The Pakubuwono ensures that every resident’s needs and preferences are catered to. Its diverse unit types are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering a lifestyle of elegance and comfort.

Luxury living is redefined at The Pakubuwono, where residents can savor the best of Jakarta’s urban experience without compromising on space, amenities, or style. The diverse unit types provide a plethora of choices, ensuring that each resident can find the perfect abode that aligns with their unique vision of the good life.