Stucture of Makorewood tower has reached the top floor and Topping Off Ceremony was held on 20 February 2020. Attended by more than 200 guests including share holders, consultant, contractors and invited guests (loyal buyer of The Pakubuwono’s apartments).

The Ceremony was held on Observation Floor – Top Floor of Makorewood tower. Every guests can also watch the ceremony for it was broadcasted live from the top floor to the big screen at the main venue (main stage – Ground Floor).

Carrying the theme of the local Jakartans a.k.a Betawi, the event was enlivened by so many performers such as The Pakubuwono’s choir & dance group, Betawi modern dance, home band and ‘special performance’ by Cakra Khan. The event was a great success and everyone had a good time.

Like every The Pakubuwono’s apartments, The Pakubuwono Menteng also conceptualize a green-living apartments. More than 80% of the area dedicated for green–open spaces. The tower define the outdoor spaces. With total of 35 floors, so many facilities are available for your luxurious living such as: Sky Gym, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Sky Garden, Observation Deck, etc.

Thankyou for every guests, performers, sponsors and everyone who participated in Topping Off Ceremony of The Pakubuwono Menteng. Please stay updated for the upcoming finishing work ahead.