Febuary’s event at The Pakubuwono Spring : ‘A Discovery of Timeless Beauty’ hosted by La Prairie, the super-high-end cosmetic line. It was a brief presentation and introduction to show the heritage products of La Prairie to our invited guests.

The setting was the modern unit of The Pakubuwono Spring with an aesthetic and luxurious setting. On every point of the unit, pedestals displayed the putative stars of the event : La Prairie products. And on one side of the room, refreshment was served.

“A Tale of Luxury. Introducing the heritage of La Prairie brand and its four precious ingredients: platinum, skin caviar, white caviar, and gold.” said Alisha, brand ambassador of La Prairie, who wore all-black-feminine-suit. She also thanked The Pakubuwono Spring for supporting the event and the special invited guest for attending this special event.

All the guests were happy and the event was a success. Also, an exceptional gift was given from La Prairie to the guests at the end of the event.