The Pakubuwono Institute is a training program conducted by professional craftsmen experienced in their respective fields. Our goal is to have our graduates integrate seamlessly into their respective professional specializations. Our program consists of five specializations: Air Conditioning, Electrical, Electronics, Plumbing and Civil Engineering. The training conducted in The Pakubuwono Institute is strictly nonprofit. The training is open to the public, especially for individuals without extensive education that seek to improve their earnings.

Trainees will undergo training in accordance with their chosen specializations over the course of three months. After this training period, instructors will shift towards practical demonstrations and practices. Finally, trainees are given practical work experience through internship.

(Mrs. Anisa Himawan, CEO of The Pakubuwono Development, giving her speech to empowered the graduates of class IV)

On the 28th of June 2018, The Pakubuwono Institute has celebrated the graduation of our 4th class. All students have successfully completed their training. The certificates of our students with the top ten highest grades were handed to the graduates by Mrs. Anisa Himawan, CEO of The Pakubuwono Development as well as the founder of The Pakubuwono Institute. The other graduates were personally handed their certificates by Mr. Erwinaryo Utoyo, the head of the institute as well as an instructor for all five specializations.

(Mrs. Anisa Himawan handed the certificate to one of the Top Ten graduate with the highest grades)

(Mr. Erwinaryo Utoyo handed the certificate to the graduate)

The certificates granted to the graduates bear our seal as well as the signature of the head of the institute, certifying that the holder has completed their training at The Pakubuwono Institute. With this certificate, the graduates will now be able to delve into their chosen field and apply their training. Congratulations to the graduates of Class IV, we wish you success in your career.

(Graduation of class IV – The Pakubuwono Institute )